Pleasant holidays in this calm campsite, close to the beach, very satisfactory reception. Good memories for me and the children.  

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The Ile Wrac'h Lighthouse


Located on one of the islands of the Lilia archipelago ...

The port of Aber-Wrac'h has had significant maritime traffic since the Middle Ages. Originally, the signaling was provided by four lights: one on Ile Wrac'h and one at the top of the Plouguerneau bell tower for the north and two at Landéda for the south.
Built in 1845 in granite, the Wrac'h Island lighthouse measures 14,700m (22.85m above sea level) and is located at the entrance to Aber Wrac'h. It emits three red flashes every twelve seconds and has a range of 7 miles (by Lanvaon light gives alignment at 100 ° 30 'of the main channel of Aber Wrac'h harbor. Located on the southern end of the island at 48 ° 36'49.77 "N 4 ° 34'43.95" W).
It is surrounded by a small group of houses, gardens and wedges which were used for the daily life of the guards. It is now automated.
Since the summer of 2006, the public has been invited to come and discover exhibitions in the former house of the caretaker's family, which has been renovated, schedule according to the tide, access by St-Cava beach to Lilia-Plouguerneau.
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