Pleasant holidays in this calm campsite, close to the beach, very satisfactory reception. Good memories for me and the children.  

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The Land of the Abers


Landscapes constantly redrawn by the tides and the light ...

Aber is the term by which in Celtic countries an estuary is designated, that is to say the part of a river which, as a result of subsidence of the ground or the rise in sea level, is found subjected to the tidal regime twice a day.
We find Aberdeen in Scotland or Aberyswith in Wales.
An aber starts from the sea and ends at the various points reached by the salty waters. These limits are officially defined, both for the navigation regime and for that of sea fishing. Aber designates both the estuary and the river.
The PAYS DES ABERS - COTE DES LEGENDES (Brittany-Finistère) has two abers: the Aber Benoît and the Aber Wrac'h.
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