Pleasant holidays in this calm campsite, close to the beach, very satisfactory reception. Good memories for me and the children.  

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Meneham en Kerlouan


A restored village of traditional thatched cottages...


Exceptional site, Meneham (48 ° 40'04.18 "N 4 ° 22'20.36" W) is both a remarkable natural space and a hamlet of former peasant-fishermen-seaweed harvesters.
Meneham, a hamlet in the town of Kerlouan, was inhabited until the 1970s by families of peasant fishermen and seaweed harvesters.
After the site was classified in 1975, the inhabitants will then gradually leave it.
In 2004, after a long reflection, the site rehabilitation works began. The buildings are renovated identically, combining old techniques and current constraints (health and safety).
The site is made up of the guardhouse, the site house, the inn, the Salou house, the barracks, and the stopover lodge. The site is open to the public every day.
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